Baltic Countries

16 Lithuanian instructors will work with US and Canadian colleagues to train Ukrainian servicemen  Photo:

Lithuania sends 6th shift of military instructors to Ukraine

Lithuanian soldiers alongside Canadian and U.S. colleagues train the Ukrainian Armed Forces, arrange individual and collective exercises, and teach Ukrainian soldiers operational planning and control […]

A Polish tank during drills held at the Zagan training range in Western Poland in May 2016 Photo: Flickr/Jfcbrunssum

Pre-summit ministerial meeting to boost NATO’s forward presence

“We will agree to deploy by rotation four robust multinational battalions in the Baltic states and in Poland,” said the Secretary General. He underlined that […]

Ministers of Defence of the Baltic States, Juozas Olekas (Lithuania), Hannes Hanso (Estonia), and Raimonds Bergmanis (Latvia) Photo:

The Baltics close ranks to reinforce detterence posture in the region

The decision to enhance Allied forward presence in the Baltics is expected to be taken at the NATO Defence Ministers meeting and endorsed at the specified […]

Germany will deploy the total of roughly 600 rotational forces and several hundreds of military vehicles Photos:

Germany starts rotating troops to Lithuania as reassurance measure

The soldiers were brought to Vilnius by two flights of Luftwaffe aircraft on April 2 and 6. A part of the military equipment of the […]

A M1A1 Abrams Tank fires its main gun as it takes part in a live-fire exercise in Rena, Norway, Feb. 18, 2016  Photo:

US to deploy armored brigade combat teams to Europe

As discussed during the announcement of the fiscal year 2017 European Reassurance Initiative budget proposal, officials said, the Army has decided to begin storing static […]

NATO Deputy Secretary General Alexander Vershbow and Lithuanian Defense Minister Juozas Olekas Photo:

North Atlantic Council begins two-day visit to Lithuania

The working session held on the first day of the visit and attended by Minister of National Defense Juozas Olekas, Minister of Foreign Affairs of […]

Russia poses the greatest threat to the security of Lithuania, the updated document points out  Photo:

Lithuania passes a new military strategy

“The Military Strategy of 2012 was no longer relevant in terms of security issues and the consequent new tasks for the Lithuanian Armed Forces. As […]

Minister Hannes Hanso speaking to the audience during visit to Narva subdistrict of the Alutaguse Defence League Photo:

Estonia pleads for increase in number of voluntary Defense League’s members

Last night, minister Hanso visited the recently renovated building of the Narva subdistrict of the Alutaguse Defence League District and took part in the subdistrict’s information […]

The U.S. troops with Cobra Battery, Field Artillery Squadron Photos:

New shift of US troops arrives in Lithuania for joint training

The new shift will take part in joint combat training and exercises with soldiers of the Lithuanian Land Force till April according to the training […]

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter conducts a press briefing at the Pentagon to announce the latest in his Force of the Future reforms focused on improving the quality of life for military personnel  Photo:

NATO, Allies welcome US decision to increase deterrence in Europe

Reacting today, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said: “I strongly welcome this proposal. The budget request will, if approved, lead to a quadrupling of funding to […]