Romania to host NATO multinational brigade

The summit was a successful one for Romania, President Klaus Iohannis (seen here from behind on the left) said  Photo:
The summit was a successful one for Romania, President Klaus Iohannis (seen here from behind on the left) said Photo:

Romania will host a NATO multi-national brigade that Poland and Bulgaria will contribute to in the first phase, as part of the Alliance-led efforts to discourage any aggressive move from Russia, the Romanian President Klaus Iohannis said in a conference last night after the summit wrapped up in Warsaw.

“As for the concrete initiatives that concern Romania, we will have a multinational brigade (…) So far, during the summit, Poland has announced its contribution by sending a company, while Bulgaria has reconfirmed its contribution which consists of a battalion. We have held talks and we will continue discussions with other allies for other contributions, but signals are very positive. Romania, in its turn, assumes its share of responsibility and contributes an infantry company and logistic support elements to the NATO effort in Poland. So we will participate with a company in Poland”, Johannis said in his conference.

The final declaration of the NATO Warsaw Summit also refers to this Romanian initiative. “We will also develop tailored forward presence in the southeast part of the Alliance territory. Appropriate measures, tailored to the Black Sea region and including the Romanian initiative to establish a multinational framework brigade to help improve integrated training of Allied units under Headquarters Multinational Division Southeast, will contribute to the Alliance’s strengthened deterrence and defence posture, situational awareness, and peacetime demonstration of NATO’s intent to operate without constraint.  It will also provide a strong signal of support to regional security.  Options for a strengthened NATO air and maritime presence will be assessed”, it says.

On Friday, leaders decided to strengthen the Alliance’s military presence in the east, with four battalions in Poland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania on a rotational basis – to be in place starting next year.

Furthermore, “as part of the NATO Force Structure, made the Headquarters of a Multinational Corps Northeast in Poland fully operational, and established the Headquarters of a Multinational Division Southeast in Romania to take command of the NATO Force Integration Units and to provide flexible command and control options in their regions”, it added.

Regional training initiatives were also endorsed. ” We welcome the Transatlantic Capability Enhancement and Training Initiative (TACET), which will promote capability development, interoperability, and training, and will enhance NATO resilience in response to the challenges in the Baltic region.  We also welcome the Combined Joint Enhanced Training Initiative (CJET), which provides similar engagement with Romania and Bulgaria”, the final declaration points out.

In the same context, the text also declares the achievement of the NATO Ballistic Missile Defense initial operational capability. Romania hosts interceptors at a base in the south. “At our Summit in Chicago in 2012, we declared the achievement of an Interim NATO BMD Capability as an operationally significant first step.  At the Wales Summit, we welcomed the forward deployment of BMD-capable Aegis ships to Rota, Spain that could be made available to NATO.  Today a new milestone in the development of NATO BMD has been reached and we are pleased to declare the achievement of the NATO BMD Initial Operational Capability. This is a significant step toward the aim of NATO BMD that offers a stronger capability to defend our populations, territory, and forces across southern NATO Europe against a potential ballistic missile attack.  The Aegis Ashore site in Deveselu, Romania represents a significant portion of this increase in capability, and the command and control (C2) of the Aegis Ashore site is being transferred to NATO.  We also welcome that Turkey hosts a forward-based early-warning BMD radar at Kürecik and that Poland will be hosting an Aegis Ashore site at the Redzikowo military base.  We are also pleased that additional voluntary national contributions have been offered by Allies, and we encourage further voluntary contributions, all of which will add robustness to the capability”, the statement further reads.